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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Online innovation I think very important nowadays. There are many prospected clients you may get through using social media. If you have a business and a website it is easy to promote it using paid marketing or PPC of SEO or linking to other sites. This kind of strategy is very effective to be more visible in an online marketing.


I suppose if I was a hotel chain CEO I'd probably want to cut out the OTA middlemen too, but usually it is best to specialize in operating hotels and let the OTA's specialize in internet marketing.

I suppose if I was a major hotel chain president, I too would be tempted to cut out the middleman. It is best though to leave online marketing to the pro's who live and breathe that stuff.

This is little other than a co-op or pool system with very little benefit for the consumer but a cost saving exercise for the hotel companies involved. Every hotel no matter how big or small has to set aside a budget for booking commisions and unless you enjoy 100% occupancy (unheard of) the likes of hotels.com, expedia etc are a great way for hotel owners to secure bookings. Trimming the budget on this revenue streams seems very futile and for the likes of the Hilton Hotel Group and others in the Room Key portfolio. I think if these chains opt out of the likes of hotels.com, the consumer will not notice and their booking will diminish greatly.
Room Key the brainchild of someone that has too much time to think and little time to research.


Yes OK, good idea, it is very difficult anyway for anyone else than Booking or Expedia. This market is so hard to get in. Small sites like us specializing on specific countries have a slim chance. www.hotelsaver-ireland.com

You must push your website for advertisement if you really want to compete like other company doing.

If you are trying to compete with the online travel agents, i think you must exert much effort to advertise your new platfrom of doing travel business. Improper exposing your company in the online world the lesser the people know your product and last you will loose in your competion.

I wish I could have been in the initial meeting where someone really had to pitch this idea and everyone else agreed. It is truly a site that wastes space (virtually, but still). When will the hoteliers get it through their heads that they need to focus on what's going on in their customers' heads in order to increase sales? With a few exceptions like the Kimpton Hotel Group here in the US, hotel websites are setup as if every customer was simply looking for a place to sleep. The fact is, many customers view their hotel stays as a point of interest. Hotel websites need to be inspirational (as well as informational). The industry in general is sadly utilitarian focused.

Really cannot believe that these big hotel groups are trying to challenge the OTA's and google with such a poor solution. As the article correctly mentions, it has all the hallmarks of another andbook or travelweb. Nothing new or innovative here.
Will all these big brands really invest much of their precious digital advertising spend on a combined website? I really can't see it.
If they were to make it more social and add genuine, unbiased reviews only from people who have stayed at the hotel and booked as a result of coming through this affiliate channel, then it would have some stickiness. The reviews could not be moderated by the hotel companies, so would need to show negative as well as positive... Then this channel could also challenge the big mama of review sites tripadvisor.
Without something new and different, I don't see it making a big impact on the hotel distribution landscape. Roomkey also needs to get other non-us centric hotel groups onboard. Not so much in Europe but Middle east and Asia are developing and growing fast. The online world has also moved on from just English. Look at the number of languages on the OTA websites and compare that with the majority of hotel brand sites. This is where all hotels are falling behind and needs addressing if the balance is to shift.

I am so glad to hear something besides the fawning and excitement that most outlets have done around RoomKey! I agree - too little, too late, and too boring! Hotels need to reimagine distribution, not just copycat OTAs.

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