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Friday, July 15, 2011


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There is possibly a perception with regards to Twitter in that it is a young persons game and not something that some hotel chains wish to try and produce results from.
Young people do not book rooms on a regular basis, older people do socially and in busiess of course so I think Twitter is not seen to be high on an hotels marketing profile. I see many nightclubs and bars gathering a database through these mediums and I guess they have something new to offer every week and it is an affordable way to get that message accross. Facebook, Twitter, Bebo I see Adwords regularly on these for Hotels and it would be interesting to see a survey of clicks and actual purchases from this medium, any ideas??

Hotel booking software is an application which can be used businesses to automate their daily operations including of room bookings, reservations, check-in, checkout, in the most coherent manner which is conducive to the higher productivity.

Power to the independents that what i say, and social media gives it right back to them...

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