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Monday, June 20, 2011


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@Martin - good to hear from you. When I speak to hoteliers (from hotel groups to independant hotels) there is usually no direct links to bookings when using Social Media. But it is becoming one of the sources to get a looker into a booker. If the hotel engage in a good way on Twitter, you can find some rather surprising guests coming to your hotel because they were attracted by the unique 1 2 1 conversation you started on the Social Media platform. Hyatt with their concierge is making money from their 2 years investement on Twitter because they add value on this extra service and understood everything about a 2 ways communication platform. It's not push anymore. It is push, pull, both. Listen, engage and respond.

This is interesting, I'd love to hear about the results from the UK hotels on their Twitter campaigns. Are they getting bookings, any ideas of how much etc.

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