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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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I am a hotel owner from Munnar, Kerala, India and was just 'searching' for marketing ideas and strategies when I stumbled upon your HotelBlog ... and I am glad I did !Lots of gr8 links to other blogs and events , and yes,if you rinterested in hotel news in this side of the world ,ie. from 'gods own country ' I cud contribute my mite (and byte )now and then. keep up the good work G.... A.Suresh

There are a lot of bad things that happen last year that I hope won't happen this year 2010.

I enjoyed the new year last January 1 because during that time I was told that I am going to be a father.

I have always been excited every time the new year comes because it signifies a fresh start.

Hi I had a huge celebration of end of 2010 and we warmly welcome 2010. Happy New Year to all.. :-)

2009 was a very tough year for us in the travel and accommodation business but I fear 2010 will be just as bad.

People just have less disposable income and therefore are really shopping around for the best deal even if it does mean staying in a poor hotel.

I think if hotels can hold on through 2010 then the future will be a lot brighter, the Internet is definitely a place where they need to concentrate their marketing efforts though.

Keep up the great work with the blog, been a follower for a while now and it's a great insight into the industry.

Welcome to 2010, I have also met and discussed with talented "new kids on the block" who are willing to disrupt the online travel industry.

this is amazing

My dear friends!

I hope a happy new year for everyone. And I want to share some news with you!
For a few days ago I was in Budapest (I had to work) and my boss choosed me the hotel where I stayed.
But it was amazing. The hotel and the rooms were clean, the workers were excellent and everything was perfect.
It was the Hotel Karin in Budapest, so if you visit this city stay there for a few days, it's realy ok. I got they homepage adress also: www.karinhotel.hu
Byebye! Mira

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